“Meet the Teacher,”  “Curriculum Night,”  “Parent’s Night”  whatever you call it, it can be stressful.  Parents you might not see for the rest of the year are going to visit with you for maybe just a few minutes…yet they’ll be judging what kind of teacher you are!

No pressure, right?!

Here are a few hints to make the event a bit easier:

  1.  Parents are curious about you!  They want to know that their child is in good hands.  Be sure to tell the parents a bit about yourself.  Make your own “All About Me” poster for your door.  Show them that you are a competent teacher by focusing on your achievements, but that you also have interesting hobbies outside of school (you do, don’t you??)  Smile and relax!Six easy ways to make "Meet the Teacher" night painless.
  2. Strut your stuff!  Think of the event as an opportunity to show parents how you teach.  Do you post on Edmodo or create videos for flipping your class?  Consider doing that for your presentation.  If you use task cards, small group work, or workshop-based lessons, you can show parents samples or even photos of their children working in these different ways.  Create a “brag” show Prezi or PowerPoint that scrolls through photos of your students at work.


3.  Practice what you want to say and use note cards.  In my school, we have twenty minutes to talk to the parents before they move on to the next class.  That time goes by really fast, but if you talk too fast…you may end up staring at a room full of parents and have nothing to say!  A bit of practice will make you feel confident.Six easy ways to make "Meet the Teacher" night painless.4.  Provide parents with the information they want.  They don’t need a ream of paper.  Create a bookmark or even business card that contains essential information:  how to reach you, how to log onto your class blog, how to get homework.


5.  Create a sign in roster.  Make it easy for parents to quickly sign in.  Print up a list of student names and a line for parent signatures.  Don’t pass around a clipboard for parents to sign during your talk.  That is distracting and parents won’t be listening if they’re writing.  Make it easy for parents to sign in as they walk into your classroom.  Your school office should be able to provide you with email and phone numbers if you need that.  Getting parent signatures is helpful — especially if you need to authenticate a signature later in the year.

6.  Test all your technology and make sure it’s ready to go. This goes back to #1 and 2.  If you are prepared and organized, parents will feel confident in you.

You are probably already off to a great start to the school year —

a successful Parent’s Night will just be icing on the cake!Six easy ways to make "Meet the Teacher" night painless.

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3 comments on “Six Tips for Making Parent’s Night a Piece of Cake”

  1. Great advice for parent night. We learn more about “what not to do” when we visit our children’s teachers on parent night. It is a time to be well organized and make an effort to put your best foot forward. I’ve seen teachers “fly by the seat of their pants” and that first impression is still pretty vivid years later.

  2. Marypat,
    Thanks for sharing so many great ideas for Parents’ Night. I loved your “All About Me” idea. I too think that it is important that the parents see “the teacher” as a person inside of the classroom as well as outside of the classroom.
    Hope you have a great new school year,

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