T.S. Elliot may have written that “April is the cruellest month,” but January through March can be pretty ruthless!  Snow days interfere with the flow of your class and students feel antsy if they can’t get outside because of wind chill factors.  Not to mention that anything happening outside the windows of a middle school classroom is infinitely more interesting than what’s going on inside:  “I see a squirrel!”  (All students rush to the window.  Lesson over.)

A fun quick lesson is to teach hyperbole.  Hyperbole is an exaggeration for effect.  This is perfect for intermediate and middle school students who love to stretch the truth.  Just start with a question like, “How much snow did we have…” or “How cold was it…”

While you may have plans to write poetry with your class during National Poetry Month in April, any time of year is the perfect time to write or study poetry with your students.

Check out the free hyperbole lesson in my Teachers Pay Teachers store for a quick lesson in writing hyperboles.  Extend it into poems about the weather.

Stay warm…write poetry!
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Keep warm and write poems!

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