I have been a classroom teacher for over fifteen years.  My experience ranges from fourth grade to cropped-Just_Add_Students.pngcollege, but the majority of my experience has been in middle school teaching ELA.

I love teaching ..there is always something new to laugh about each day.  You just can’t make this stuff up!  I love the energy, fresh ideas, and passion students feel and so freely share.  It is always a humbling and sobering honor to be responsible for the education and growth of another person’s child.

The flip side of my teaching coin is the experience I’ve had with TeachersPayTeachers and sharing the tools I’ve created for my own classroom with other teachers.  Teaching is a really difficult profession!  It can be all-consuming!  Exhausting!  Demanding!  And, of course, rewarding like no other profession (except, perhaps, parenthood!!).  So I try to create and share products that will ease the way for other teachers.  One of the most disheartening things is when I learn that a new teacher is leaving the classroom.  It just breaks my heart that good people who start the year with excitement and energy are burned out after a year or two.

I think of Emily Dickinson’s poem “If I can Stop One Heart from Breaking” — only it’s more along the lines of “If I can Stop One Teacher from Burning Out”!  I try to make products that have everything a teacher would need — lesson plans, rubric, graphic organizers, keys, checklists, student examples, and anything else I can think of!

When a teacher purchases one of my products, I truly want him or her to be able to “just add students.”

Thank you for reading about me!


Just Add Students!!



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  1. Marypat,

    Thanks for sharing your amazing ideas. As I look ahead to year 25 in my middle school ELA classroom, I am inspired by your enthusiasm and fresh ideas. I have about 5 more years in my journey, but I still love my kiddos and love finding new ways to teach!

    • Thank you Sarah! I appreciate your kind words! It’s wonderful that you are still looking for new ideas and methods for maximizing your time with your students — that is the sign of a master teacher for sure!

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