Elementary school teachers can get away with wearing all kinds of cute outfits.  What about a middle school teacher’s wardrobe?  We have the sharp-eyed teens checking out what we wear…and didn’t you wear that blouse last week?  

Still, we don’t have to wear boring/safe clothes.  Just a few fun pieces added to your basic teacher wardrobe will provide a spark of personality and fun to your closet.

Here are some fun additions you can use to spice up your teaching wardrobe and show off your personality as well!

Five fun and funky teacher outfit additions for middle school teachers.

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Fun basic pieces

The mantra of wardrobe design is to build on basic pieces.  For me, that means a black skirt, a black pair of pants, and a black blazer.  What?!  Am I going to a funeral or to my fun, vibrant classroom??  While my all black basics work really well — I have to remind myself that they are the basics and I can add color to the mix!

That’s why I love this sleeveless dress that I recently found.  It’s fun, comfortable, and HAS POCKETS!!!  I can see wearing it with leggings, boots, and a jean jacket in cool weather.  Add a belt and blazer or sweater… and did I mention it HAS POCKETS!!

I consider this a basic because it’s so flexible and can be worn in so may ways.

If the shoe fits…

Fun shoes for busy teachers!

Aren’t these shoes great?  While these may not be an everyday choice, they would be such fun to wear at the start of the school year or on writing workshop days.  And who can’t relate to the composition notebook theme!  (Don’t you have a pile of those on your desk waiting to be reviewed??)

Fun shoes for busy teachers!

This brand “Hot Chocolate,” has all kinds of cool novelty shoes — including slip ons.  What I love the best is that the right and left shoe are slightly different!  You can find a pair that matches your subject matter or your personality!

Love flats? These “Literature” shoes are a complete hoot!  This brand “Gnarly Tees” has a whole slew of fun flats that are perfect for teachers.  

Sassy Socks

So under those basic, boring, black pants, why not wear a pair of sassy socks?  I love the options (not all are

appropriate for school!) here for a pair of fun socks with an attitude.  This cute pair states, “Thou art the bomb” on the top of the foot!

And, oh my gosh, check these out!  Normal argyle or patterned socks on the front, but cute puppies peak out over the back of the heel.  I’m sorry, but these are just too darling and hysterical!


Back to that black skirt and white top? I love scarves because they add just the right amount of pizzazz and personality.

I love the fact that this infinity scarf adds color and will go with just about anything.

Now the truth is…you have bags.  Lots of them, I’d bet.  I’m willing to guess that you have a book bag full of papers to be graded sitting within ten feet of you…taunting you…

While a fun book bag can’t self grade (wouldn’t that be fantastic?!  Like a washing machine for papers — you put them in, set the level of grading, pour in some red ink, and turn it on!  Ahhh!) a funky book bag can put a little fun back into what you haul back and forth from the car to the classroom.

So even if that bag never makes it out of the car (can I get an “Amen” on this??  Surely, I’m not the only one who leaves the bag of papers IN the car overnight??) — it will look cute and fun sitting in the back seat (for a few day??  Come on — I know I cannot be the only one who has done this as well!!).

And for that really fun day…

Then there’s the day you want to pull out all the stops.  Maybe you have a Fun Friday or Reward Reading hour or a popcorn party when you want to celebrate your student’s accomplishments.  These sweet dresses would do the trick!

Pair with tights and boots for a cute, teacher appropriate outfit.

The bottom line on teacher fashion…

Sure, you need those basic pieces, and yes — you need really comfortable shoes (I swear by Dansko clogs that I’ve had for years! worth every cent!).  You need to dress professionally and appropriately.

But you can also add a few fun and funky pieces to your wardrobe that will keep you charged up and enjoying the day — because when you’re having fun it can’t help but spill over to your students.  When you love your subject matter and are excited to go to school, your students will love it too.

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