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Wondering what to teach in December? Here are 10 ideas to keep your students working and engaged through the month. Click through for a free ugly sweater lesson plan!

What to teach in December

Not sure what to teach in December? Here’s a list of 10 fun activities for one of the most challenging teaching months of the year. (Number 9 is my favorite!!) Journal Prompts 1.Holiday memoir Use journal prompts to help students dive into their memories!  This is a great prewriting activity if you plan to have […] Read more…

Create a "just right" rubric for every assignment with these step-by-step directions.

How to Create Custom Rubrics for Any Assignment

Rubrics will save you time, help your students improve their skills, and provide fair, balanced assessments.  Here are some ways to create and use them. What’s a rubric, anyway? Here’s your etymological lesson for the day:  waaaay back in the 14th century, the word rubric referred to the red lettering that manuscript writers used to […] Read more…