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What should I teach in December

Easy teaching plans for December

Not sure what to teach in December? Here’s a list of 10 fun activities for one of the most challenging teaching months of the year. (Number 9 is my favorite!!) Journal Prompts 1.Holiday memoir Use journal prompts to help students dive into their memories!  This is a great prewriting activity if you plan to have […] Read more…

Looking for quick ways to engage students in writing arguments? Here are quick lessons and activities to get started.

How to teach argument writing

Ready to start teaching argumentative writing? Arguments and middle school students go hand in hand! Looking for essay topics and ideas to help your students? Read on! What is an argument? That seems like a silly question, but ask your students and you’ll be surprised at the responses you get! What you really want to […] Read more…

Create a "just right" rubric for every assignment with these step-by-step directions.

How to Create Custom Rubrics for Any Assignment

Rubrics will save you time, help your students improve their skills, and provide fair, balanced assessments.  You can use an online rubric maker — or you can create your own that are balanced and fair. Here is the secret “recipe” for creating and using your own. What’s a rubric, anyway? Here’s your etymological lesson for […] Read more…