Looking for a unique gift for a teacher? 

Most teachers have plenty of mugs and candles — but here’s a list of some thoughtful, fun, unique items that would make wonderful teacher gifts — any time of year.

Here are 13 gifts for the teacher in your life.

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13 Unique Gifts for Teachers

1.For some reason, students love to stare at the classroom clock.  If you are looking for a gift for a math teacher, this one is so clever! When students stare at the clock, they will have to do some thinking to figure out the correct time!

2. Have you seen the book bags teachers drag home?  One of my teacher friends has been known to use a wagon to carry work home to grade.  If we’re going to drag big ol’ book bags, we need to lighten our purse load!  This little wallet is perfect for that!

3. A little bit of inspiration.  This little sign makes for great classroom decor that can keep a teacher going!

4. Sweet journal!  Teaching is so hectic, that it’s often difficult to organize your thoughts, reflect on what lessons worked and which ones didn’t, and keep track of great ideas.  This journal is perfect for that!

5. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that teachers are closet office supply addicts! Post it notes had  cute cat post it dispenserto be invented for us!  This if fun and functional!

6. While most teachers have waaaay more coffee mugs that the average bear, nice travel mugs are a necessity.  Mugs are great and fun, but coffee cools quickly in them. I love these travel mugs since they offer so many different colors and sizes.

7. Plants are soothing in the classroom and succulents are perfect for the classroom.  Pop one in these adorable owl planters. They’re the perfect size for those little succulents that the nursery sells.  These are small, so even just one would look great on a teacher’s desk.  Great if you have multiple teachers you want to buy gifts for.

8. Speaking of book bags…(see #2 above) this bag isn’t designed for the 30 pounds of research papers, journals, and tests that you may be hauling home from school, but it is ideal for groceries, library books, and your knitting.  I love that it folds up into its own little pocket…that hopefully won’t get lost at the bottom of the bag full of research papers, journals, and tests…

9. The truth is…that sometimes a classroom can smell, well… a little funky.  Especially after gym class or recess.  Reed diffusers make perfect teacher gifts.  They can be tucked on top of a bookshelf where it is out of the way and out of danger of being knocked over.  They are a gentle way to soothe some of the scents that collect in a classroom.  Orange essential oil isn’t overpowering or flowery.

10. Pedicure anyone?  Teachers are on their feet all day, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like pretty toes!  A pedicure kit makes a great gift — especially at the end of the school year.   Add a bottle of your favorite nail polish for a complete gift that won’t break the bank.

11. Teachers have duty.  Whether it’s carline, recess, lunchroom, hall, bathroom, crosswalk — it’s pretty much unavoidable.  This across the chest purse is just the right size for duty — small and lightweight.  Perfect for stashing a cell phone, tissues, hall passes, and bandages.  Plus…it’s really cute!

12. I love, love, love this lightweight scarf.  It dresses up a blouse or t-shirt, looks great with a jean jacket, adds color to your face, and is unusual — almost like wearing a fabulous necklace!  I love using scarves to “extend” my wardrobe.  I can wear the same white t-shirt and black skirt (clean of course!) every Wednesday, but with a different scarf.  Do I feel like I’m cheating?  Um… no!

13. Everyone deserves his or her own coloring book.  Teachers are no exception.  But, be warned.  This book is subtitled “snarky” for a reason.  Some pages may not be appropriate for coloring in the classroom!!

I hope you’ve found some great ideas here for your favorite teachers!

With gratitude,

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