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Ready to write unit plans? This step-by-step post will help you plan efficient, meaningful units that you'll be able to use year after year! Free planning guide.

Successful Unit and Lesson Planning

Teaching with a unit plan makes your weekly lesson planning a snap.  It also helps you organize and plan your year.  Here are some quick steps to unit planning that will really work! If you’ve already created a year long plan, you’ll use that to pick the unit you want to create.  If your yearlong plan […] Read more…

teach time management skills with time audita

How to Teach Time Management Skills with Time Audits

If you assign homework, even if it’s just daily reading, you’ve probably encountered this excuse for incomplete work: “I didn’t have time…” Perhaps you’ve even had parents send notes or emails repeating the same thing — their child didn’t have time to complete homework. Kids are busy — that’s true, but are they managing their […] Read more…