narrative writing

Engage middle school students in narrative writing by using short videos. Click through to learn how to effectively use commercial, pixar shorts, and TV shows to get your students thinking about narrative elements.

Teach Narrative Writing with Videos

Video and narrative writing go hand in hand. As you prepare your students to begin writing narratives, you’ll want to teach them the elements of the genre.  But before they even put pen to paper, you can use videos to teach narrative writing.  Why? We are surrounded by stories.   Commercials, TV shows, movies, video games, […] Read more…

Looking for ideas to teach narrative writing? Click through for ways to make your teaching more effective, productive, and organized.

How to Teach Narrative Writing

When it’s time to teach narrative writing, you’re faced with lots of choices, requirements…and grading. Looking for help with where to start and how to organize this writing task?  Here are some tips for teaching successful narrative writing. Let’s get started! What is narrative writing? Narrative writing tells a story. It may or may not […] Read more…