critical thinking

Looking for ways to teach critical thinking skills? Here are ways to use propaganda to help students practice. Free lesson plan included.

Propaganda and Critical Thinking

Propaganda surrounds us. And teaching our students to be critical thinkers is more important than ever.  One (fun!) way to do this is to teach about how propaganda is used in popular culture.  Examples are everywhere! Let’s get started: Start with propaganda they know Just by asking students to match the company and jingle or […] Read more…

November lesson plans

Easy Teaching Tips for November

Wondering what to teach in November?  Here are 12 ideas to help you get started. Let’s check them out! In the U.S., November means cooler temperatures, settling into school routines, voting, and Thanksgiving.   Journal Prompts 1.  Teaching gratitude.  Fall seems to be a natural time to think about gratitude here in the States.  I love this gratitude journal. The digital […] Read more…