Writing Workshop Made Easy: 20 mini lessons to get you started


You are ready to go with writing workshop!  Here are 20 mini lessons that will help you set up your procedures.

Set yourself up for success by using these ready-to-go lesson plans and slides.



Not sure where to start with writing workshop? What do students do when there is extra time? What should they do if they need to use the restroom? How should the noise level of the room be monitored? Teach your students how your writing workshop will run with these 20 mini lessons that will set you up for success by teaching students how to manage workshop time — from noise level to fast finishers!

And what’s even better? You’ll have 20 mini lesson plans completed, so you’re ready to go! Low prep — students will complete tasks in their writing notebooks, so no running to the copier or converting PDFs into digital.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 20 bright and colorful slides that you can use on your white board or share with your students in your distance learning platform
  • Each slide includes information about the mini lesson and helps direct the student task for the workshop
  • 20 mini lesson plans — each lesson includes notes to help you teach the lesson, a materials list, the objective, student friendly standard, teacher modeling suggestions, student task, wrap up & share tips, assessment/homework suggestions.
  • A writing record (two versions – easy to glue into a composition notebook)
  • Writing checklist (two versions)
  • Rubric (yup, two versions!)
  • Lots of teaching tips and suggestions for using these mini lessons to get your writing workshop started right!

The 20 Mini Lessons include:

  1. Creating a writing notebook
  2. Setting it up
  3. Identifying what writing workshop is
  4. Prompt: Writing challenges
  5. Writing sample prompt (editable)
  6. Using a writing notebook
  7. Generating ideas
  8. What does writing workshop look like/ fast finisher
  9. Maintaining our workshop environment (editable)
  10. Creating a personal spelling list
  11. Sketching ideas
  12. Making a Heart map
  13. Using Exit cards
  14. Responding to a quote
  15. What is a writing conference
  16. Creating a writing portfolio
  17. Drafting
  18. Peer review
  19. Self-editing checklist
  20. Publishing your work

By the end of the lessons, your students will understand the flow of writer’s workshop and have written a short essay.

What you’ll love about this:

  • Use with either your in-person classes or distance learning
  • Students will learn the structure of your workshop, so they’ll know what to do while you are conferencing
  • Helps with classroom management
  • At the end of the mini lessons, they’ll be using a rubric and writing checklist to write a short essay
  • Students will be practicing the skills they’ll need for a successful writing workshop
  • Lo Prep! Students can do nearly all the writing tasks in their notebooks! No need to run to the copier!

What teachers like you are saying:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “So thorough, easy to understand and implement for both me and my students! Thank you for the clear organization and layout–it was just what I needed!”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “As always, your mini-lessons are top-notch! They are student-friendly, meaning there’s no room for confusion, whatsoever. Love it! Also, I greatly appreciate the thorough teacher’s guide. The organized format is easy to follow and makes my job so much easier! Thank you so much!! :-)”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “I finally chose to start Writer’s Workshop instead of think about it. I just needed some help to get the ball rolling. This was helpful, easy to implement, and the students enjoyed it.”

Be sure to take a look at the preview to see the beautiful slides and detailed lesson plans!


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