Writing Student Choice Boards


Your students will love having writing choices — and you’ll love the fact that they’ll be practicing different writing genres.

120 different prompts — no more “what should I write about?”

Great practice for writing narrative, expository, argument, and opinion!



Tackle two issues at once with these writing genre choice boards! Students practice writing within the mode you’re teaching – AND they have tons of engaging choices to keep them writing!

These choice boards have 120 writing prompts that you can use in so many ways – all year long!

This resource includes:
⚬ 5 choice boards: narrative, expository writing, argument/persuasive, opinion/review, and research
⚬ 120 different prompts!
⚬ Alphaboxes for students to generate writing ideas
⚬ Daily report to help with student accountability
⚬ Rubric

Reasons to love these choice boards:

⚬ Students won’t get bored with the variety!

A wide range of activities include writing poetry, cartooning, listing, creating an elevator speech, letter writing, illustrations, word bank generating, writing directions, designing a meme, and so much more!

⚬ Ready to use. Print and use! Create a workbook for student use or distribute as you work on different writing modes.

⚬ A resource that you can use all year!

⚬ Great for writing workshop, literacy centers, differentiation, and warm ups.

⚬ Provide that extra practice students need writing different modes.

Be sure to check out the preview!

This resource includes two covers – one in color and one in black and white to save ink.

Suitable for grades 5 – 8.


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