Write a Short Story: Creative Writing


Your students can feel successful writing a short story with this workbook.

Everything you need!  Your students will love writing their own short stories with this easy-to-use workbook of mini lessons.  From generating ideas to the final story — this workbook with guide your students through the writing process.  Ready to use today!


Challenge your students to write a short story! 

This digital and print resource is ready to use and has everything you need to guides them step-by-step through creating the plot, interesting characters, a meaningful setting, and thoughtful theme.

Additional lessons include creating round characters, using dialogue, and adding sensory language. (Need more creative writing tips?  You can find more in this post.)

The end result is a creative writing project your students will feel successful about!

This resource includes:

  • digital & print versions
  • PowerPoint of student slides
  • task checklist
  • the assignment & defining elements of a short story
  • what is the problem your characters will encounter
  • expanding ideas for a story
  • prewriting notes
  • choosing the setting
  • elements of the plot
  • how will the story start? The inciting incident
  • the conflict
  • identifying the problem the story will address
  • Freytag plot diagram
  • character profile graphic organizers – protagonist, antagonist, additional characters
  • photo gallery of characters
  • character growth
  • adding sensory detail
  • what’s the theme
  • creating theme & character
  • analyzing dialogue
  • dialogue help – tips and tricks
  • practice adding dialogue
  • writing checklist
  • rubric

Reasons to love this lesson:

*** Digital and print options make it flexible and easy to teach!

⚬ Create a 26 page workbooks students can dive into today!

⚬ you can use each page as a mini lesson – or students can work independently

⚬ tap into your students’ love of writing stories

⚬ creative outlet for students

⚬ perfect for differentiation and scaffolding

⚬ helps students “control” their stories by asking them to dig into prewriting

⚬ great for literacy centers & writing workshop

⚬ perfect activity to use in conjunction with your short story unit

Be sure to check out the preview!

When you purchase this resource, you will receive three documents. The student workbook (one print and one PowerPoint) and the other is the Teacher Resource that includes the digital link.


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