Ugly Christmas Sweater Writing Activity


Ready for no stress planning during the days before Christmas break?

Your students will love designing, describing, and selling an Ugly Christmas Sweater.

Fun, engaging — and also a great way to keep your students practicing essential writing skills.


What’s better than wearing an ugly Christmas sweater?

Designing one!

It’s hard to keep students engaged in meaningful learning in the weeks leading up to the holidays.

They are excited for a break — and not as motivated as we’d like. But, you can keep your students engaged during those busy weeks with this fun, creative Ugly Christmas Sweater writing challenge.

In this lesson, students will design, describe, recreate based on a description, and persuade.  They will hardly realize that they’re practicing important skills.

Students will:

  • design an original ugly Christmas sweater following a prompt
  • describe the sweater so that someone can recreate it
  • (now the fun part!) swap descriptions and recreate another student’s design
  • assess the effectiveness of their descriptions
  • create a persuasive ad for their sweater

What you’ll get with this resource:

  • teacher instructions (perfect for a sub!)
  • editable prompt and student instructions
  • writing pages for the description and ad
  • student instructions and tips for recreating the design
  • two blank sweater outlines
  • rubric

describe and create an ugly sweater lesson

This lesson is perfect for practicing descriptive and persuasive writing skills – and your students will love it!

Enjoy a break from planning — this lesson takes about 4 days to complete.

This resource has everything you need!

Makes a great hall or classroom design with the original sweater and the one recreated from the description.

What teachers are saying about this lesson:

  • “This was so much fun for my 5th graders during the hybrid teaching period. They had a blast decorating their sweaters. The instructions made it easy for the students to complete this. Thank you for sharing!”
  • “What fun! I knew my 8th grade class would love this project, but I was worried about my 7th grade class of reluctant learners. I am happy to report that they really got into the assignment and did a great job with their characters.”
  • “Great way to mix art and writing! Students loved the mixture of descriptive, procedural and persuasive writing.”

You’re students will also love this creative, persuasive writing activity:

Dear Santa, Take me off the naughty list!

Questions about this resource?  Send me a message and I’ll get right back to you.


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