The Monkey’s Paw Short Story Lesson Plans


Your students will love The Monkey’s Paw short story.  It’s fast moving, creepy, and has an ending that your student won’t stop discussing!

You’ll love having everything you need.  From lesson plans to assessments.  Plus, students will write a literary analysis by the end of the unit.  Everything is ready for you to use!

Just add students!


Teach The Monkey’s Paw” short story with ready-to-use lesson plans.

Your students will love this delightfully creepy short story. It’s perfect for practicing literary analysis, foreshadowing, point of view, and irony with your middle school and high school students.

And… by the end of the unit, students will have written a literary analysis response.

Here’s what teachers are saying about this unit:

  • An AWESOME unit. This resource is put together really well and was really easy to use.”
  • MY KIDS LOVED THIS!!!!! We have been having so much fun with it.”
  • “This was the perfect no-prep resource for teaching The Monkey’s Paw.”
  • “Great resource that is easy to implement and puts the students’ thinking skills to work as they read.”

Reasons to love this unit:

  • Print and digital versions – perfect for any learning environment
  • lesson plans to make teaching “The Monkey’s Paw” easy
  • paper version, Google Slides, and PowerPoint
  • The unit has everything you need to start teaching — including the story.
  • Your students will love it! (My students couldn’t stop talking about it!)
  • Can be used for emergency sub plans as well.
  • More practice of those literary analysis skills – students will be guided through writing a literary analysis response to the story.
  • try it with book clubs!

This is what you’ll get with this digital and print resource:

  • No searching for the story. You’ll have the story “The Monkey’s Paw” by W. W. Jacobs. This text is in the public domain. QR Code and URL link included on student pages.
  • One version of the story has vocabulary marked and one doesn’t.
  • Daily lesson plans are done for you
  • Pre-reading student survey gets students involved in the theme
  • Comprehension questions for easy assessment
  • Comprehension quiz (self-checking in digital version!)
  • Vocabulary study
  • Plot diagram helps students “see” the events
  • “Big Picture” graphic organizer gives students clarity
  • Analyzing literature — point of view
  • Character analysis cards for interactive skits
  • Understanding characters graphic organizer
  • Foreshadowing
  • “Try It” cards — challenge students with creative writing prompts to write using foreshadowing
  • Fate & Cosmic irony
  • “Write About It” prewriting, graphic organizer for an argumentative essay
  • “Revise Your Draft” page
  • Writing rubric
  • Teacher Checklists will help keep you organized
  • Answer Key
  • Ready to print and teach…Just Add Students

Digital version includes all of the above!

Plus a self-checking comprehension quiz.

This is going to save you soooo much time!

Please be sure to take a look at the preview to see all the goodies in this resource!

You’ll find the link to the digital file in the PDF document titled “Print and Digital.” Look on page 7. You’ll find a clickable link that leads to the digital lessons.


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