SMART Goal Setting Workbook


Teach your students how to set and achieve their goals with this goal setting workbook.

Includes digital and print versions — ready-to-use goal setting worksheets, graphic organizers, trackers, and examples.

Your students will truly learn how to set a path to achieving their goals — not just writing out a list and never going back to them!  Such an important life skill!


This SMART goal setting workbook will help your students meet their goals by crafting goals and breaking them down into manageable steps. These graphic organizers guide students through the entire process. Your students will go beyond simply writing goals because they’ll plan the steps they need to succeed.

This is what you’ll get:

  • six goal setting graphic organizers that take students from generating ideas -> formulating SMART goals
  • print & digital versions
  • goal tracker
  • reflection page
  • lesson plans
  • “answer key” example that will help you teach

Students will:

  • brainstorm and build a goal bank
  • look at various areas in their life where they may want to set goals
  • read an informational text about goals and goal setting
  • analyze three student sample goals
  • evaluate and revise two student sample goals
  • run their goals through a “Goal Funnel” to check if they are SMART
  • use a Goal Ladder to identify steps for success
  • create a hierarchy of goals to determine how they’ll reach their ultimate goal
  • track goals
  • reflect on their progress

Students will finish these lessons with 3-5 SMART goals and more importantly a plan for success!

More than just listing a series of goals — these graphic organizers will help them determine what they need to do to meet the goals set.

Whether you are teaching SEL skills, want students to participate in a reading challenge, or encouraging growth mindset — goal setting is part of it! This resource teaches it with intention!

Why this goal setting workbook works:

  • students do more than just write a list of goals
  • planning steps for success help them “see” the path they need to get there
  • the tracker is an awesome way to build and keep momentum going!
  • reflection helps them think about how they’re doing

Provide time each week for students to revisit their goals…this is so important as well!

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