Reflection Journal Prompts for the End of the Year or Grading Period


You’ll love using these open-ended reflection journal prompts.

Thoughtfully designed to help your students reflect on their academic year, personal growth, and future hopes.

As the school year or grading period draws to a close, this journal  guiding students through a journey of self-discovery and introspection.Help your students gain insight into their work this year, semester, quarter, or month.  Easy to use as a print or digital resource.

Gain valuable feedback from your students as well.

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Use these reflection journal prompts to help your students consider what they have learned this year, semester, or quarter.

As the school year winds down, empower your middle school students to a bit of self-reflection.

These reflective journal prompts for middle school students will inspire them to look back, appreciate their growth, and look forward to next year.

Here are 17 prompts that include questions and quotes that will encourage students to reflect on what they’ve learned and provide you with feedback on your lessons.

Here’s what you’ll get with these reflection journal prompts:

  • editable print and digital versions
  • 17 prompts that include thoughtful quotes and questions.
  • you’ll be able to edit the prompts to meet your needs.
  • digital resource that can be shared through your online classroom or projected on your white board.

What you’ll love about this:

  • ready to use and share with your students
  • editable
  • bright, vivid pictures
  • thought-provoking quotes
  • open-ended questions
  • students save their responses to their drives
  • you’ll gain valuable feedback about your students, their goals, and the effectiveness of your lessons

Great way to finish the year, semester, quarter or even month!

Whether used individually or as a classroom activity, these reflective journal prompts will help your students explore their experiences and emotions in a safe and supportive environment. It encourages them to recognize their achievements, learn from their mistakes, and envision next steps.

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