Reading Literature Mini Lessons Grade 8


Here is everything you need to teach literature reading standards! 

Print and Digital Versions — so you’re ready for any learning environment! 

 You’ll love that you can spend more time teaching and less time planning with these 18 Reading Literature mini lessons. They will support you as you guide your students to gain mastery of all the 8th grade Reading Literature standards.


You’ll love that you can spend more time teaching and less time planning with these 18 Reading Literature mini lessons. They will support you as you guide your students to gain mastery of all the 8th grade RL standards.

Print and digital versions — perfect for blended classrooms, distance learning, or in-person environments.

Ready to use today with suggested mentor texts.

You will be able to increase text complexity and student independence by using the mini lesson activities repeatedly throughout the school year with any literary text.

This resource includes:

♥ 18 Mini Lessons + 5 extra practice lessons

♥ 18 standards posters written in student-friendly language

♥ the short story, “The Cask of Amontillado” that you can use right away to start teaching these skills! Additional texts are embedded into several lessons.

♥ Answer Key using the fiction text in the zip file. This will give you an idea of how to use the mini lessons with other texts. You may wish to choose your own literary texts.

♥ Editable teacher checklist that will help you track what lessons your students have completed – great for differentiation!

Each mini lesson includes:

* a manageable portion of the RL standards

* student friendly restatement of the standard

* easy-to-follow explanation of the standard

* A “Demonstrate your Understanding” that directs the student’s task for the day

Students can cut off the bottom portion of the page to use as an exit card or assessment

* The top portion of each mini lesson can be glued into a notebook or put into a binder to create a reading resource

* A “Reflection Question” focuses on higher order thinking skills and helps summarize the mini lesson. Ideal “wrap up” or use as a warm up for the next class.

The 18 mini lessons address:

  1. What is Literature? Anchor chart
  2. Provide an objective Summary
  3. Cite textual evidence – providing explicit evidence
  4. Cite textual evidence for inferences
  5. Determine the central idea of the text (+ extra practice)
  6. Analyze theme and central idea over the course of the text
  7. Analyze dialogue
  8. Analyze incidents
  9. Determine meaning of words & phrases
  10. Determine figurative & connotative meaning
  11. Analyze word choice (+ extra practice)
  12. Compare structure of two texts
  13. Contrast structure of two texts (+ extra practice)
  14. What is irony?
  15. Analyze different points of view (+ extra practice)
  16. Analyze how a film is adapted from a text
  17. Analyze how fiction draws on other works (+ extra practice)
  18. Reading complexity – Survey

Reasons to love this workhorse of a resource:

* use to differentiate lessons

* craft literature circle lessons

* create GATE activities

* create small groups, reteach skills, or move students on to more complex texts

* decrease scaffolding and increase independence

* provide additional support by repeating the lessons as often as needed to achieve student independence and increased text complexity

* assess mastery. Collect exit cards that can be used for formative or summative assessments

* can be used with any literary text

* ready to use today

Use this resource again and again with your favorite literature!

You will receive the short story “The Cask of Amontillado” in this resource, but the mini lessons can be used with students independent reading books or book club titles!

The zip file contains three files:

1. mini lesson file

2. “The Cask of Amantillado” – formatted with comprehension questions

4. editable teacher checklists

Questions?  Just send me a message, and I’ll get right back to you!


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