Reading Informational Texts – Middle School


Digital & print will mean you’re ready to start teaching!  Here is everything you need to teach all the Reading Informational Texts standards with these 23 mini lessons.  Ready to use — includes lesson plans, answer key, three mentor texts, and suggestions for teaching.

You can use these lessons all year with any nonfiction/ informational text.

This will save you tons of time planning and gathering materials!  You’ll be able to focus on your students!



In person, blended, or digital? No problem! You’ll love the flexibility of this resource. Digital and print! No planning! 23 easy-to-use mini lessons have everything to make teaching reading (any) informational text a snap!

Provide the scaffolding your students need or increase rigor by using with a variety of texts. And because you won’t have to plan, you’ll have time to work with your students every step of the way!

This resource includes both print and digital versions!!

Here’s what teachers are saying about my mini lessons:

  • “I love how this resource breaks down each step of the process for students to make it more manageable.”
  • “Your organization is outstanding, and your thorough planning (with ALL your mini-lessons) is appreciated more than you know. Even if I, myself, spent days creating a set of mini-lessons to use in class, I don’t think they would give me the the comfort and excitement that yours do.”
  • “I love the option of creating a workbook for them at the beginning of the unit, and I especially love the “I Can” statements at the top of each lesson (my principal will love that, too!). The teacher pages are a huge part of what makes this so amazing, though; your instructions, notes, standards, and lesson calendars are so thorough and incredibly helpful. The name of your store really says it all…Just Add Students!!”

This is what you’ll get to teach Reading Informational Texts:

  • Twenty-three mini lessons that will support you as you teach students to gain mastery of Informational Text standards and close reading of nonfiction.
  • You have both print and digital versions of these mini lessons to use in your physical classroom or with distance learning!
  • Also included: lesson plans, answer key, and three mentor texts.
  • You’ll get six files in this resource to help you teach these important skills!

You can start using this resource today!

You will be able to increase text complexity and student independence by using the mini lesson activities repeatedly throughout the school year with any nonfiction text.

This can easily be used as a cross-curricular activity.

This resource includes:

  • 23 Mini Lessons — both print and digital
  • 20 standards posters written in student-friendly language
  • three nonfiction texts that you can use right away to start teaching these skills!
  • two versions of the entire product — one print and one digital
  • Answer Key using the nonfiction texts in the zip file. This will give you an idea of how to use the mini lessons with other texts. You may wish to choose your own nonfiction texts.
  • Lesson plans
  • Checklist

Each mini lesson includes:

  • a manageable portion of the RI standards
  • easy-to-follow explanation of the standard
  • a “Demonstrate your Understanding” that directs the student’s task for the day
  • use the task as a formative assessment
  • create your own workbook or resource
  • the “Reflection Question” focuses on higher order thinking skills and helps summarize the mini lesson

The 23 mini lessons address:

1. main idea & textual evidence

2. inferences

3. summarizing

4. analysis of structure

5. main idea of a paragraph & supporting ideas

6. clarifying vocabulary

7. figurative language

8. connotation

9. extra practice with connotation

10. technical vocabulary

11. sentence analysis

12. extra practice with sentence analysis

13. paragraph contribution to the whole text

14. chapter analysis

15. author’s point of view and purpose

16. support for analysis of author’s point of view

17. text features

18. synthesizing information in new ways

19. synthesizing information from various sources

20. construction of an argument

21. evaluate reasoning & validity of an argument

22. compare/contrast texts

23. self assessment on reading a variety of texts

Use to:

  • differentiate lessons
  • craft literature circle lessons
  • create GATE activities
  • create small groups, reteach skills, or move students on to more complex texts
  • decrease scaffolding and increase independence
  • provide additional support by repeating the lessons as often as needed to achieve student independence and increased text complexity
  • assess mastery. Collect exit cards that can be used for formative or summative assessments
  • build background knowledge using nonfiction texts your students are interested in

Use again and again with your favorite nonfiction texts to reinforce reading informational texts skills and strategies.

This is going to save you so much time!

Please view the preview to see what this product includes. You will receive three nonfiction texts in this resource, but the mini lessons can be used with your favorite nonfiction texts!

The resource contains six files.

I’m so excited to share this teaching tool with you!


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