Everything You Need to Teach Narrative Writing – Mini Lessons


Everything you need to teach narrative writing.  Teach narrative writing with these 21 mini lessons.  Ready-to-use today!  Take students through all the writing standards for crafting a narrative essay — from start to finish!

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You’ll love teaching narrative writing with this ready easy-to-use unit of 21 mini lessons. You’ll have everything you need to get started today — step-by-step mini lessons take your students from defining a narrative to the finished product.

The mini lessons:

  1. What is a narrative (anchor chart)
  2. Reading a narrative
  3. Assignment sheet & rubric
  4. Gathering ideas, part I
  5. Gathering ideas graphic organizer, part II
  6. Free writing
  7. Establishing the sequence
  8. Establishing context and point of view
  9. Creating a first draft
  10. Narrative technique: characters
  11. Narrative technique: dialogue
  12. Narrative technique: pacing
  13. Narrative technique: description
  14. Narrative technique: reflection
  15. Transitions: Words, phrases, clauses
  16. Word choice: relevant descriptive details and precise words
  17. Word choice: sensory language
  18. Crafting a conclusion
  19. Revising for clear, coherent writing, organization, and style
  20. Peer review
  21. Proofread: Demonstrate command of conventions

The unit also includes:

  • Lesson plan chart
  • Suggested teaching calendar
  • Teaching chart for each mini lesson that includes: lesson notes, standard, student-friendly standard, student task, assessment/homework suggestion

Reasons to love this resource:

  • Start teaching today!
  • Perfect for writing workshop
  • Less planning & more teaching!

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Happy teaching!



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