MLA Works Cited Page Writing Lesson


Teach your students how to create an MLA works cited page with this ready-to-use resource.

Step by step instructions mean your students will be successful with this challenging skills.

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You’ll love how easy it is to teach your students how to create a works cited page! This resource breaks down the technical skills they need to create an accurate, correct works cited page. Updated with the 9th edition MLA revisions and no prep.

This lesson focuses on the hows and whys of creating a properly formatted works cited page using the current MLA standards. Scaffolded, so students get practice step-by-step and build confidence along the way.

Everything you need is included:

  • print and digital versions
  • teaching tips, suggestions, and answer key
  • student notes for what a works cited is & why it’s important
  • sample works cited page
  • flow chart for the process of entering information into an entry
  • explanation of “containers”
  • practice creating entries based on descriptions of resources
  • practice taking entries and plugging them into a works cited page
  • additional practice with student-chosen research materials
  • self evaluation
  • rubric
  • self-assessment
  • answer key

Reasons to love this:

  • your students will learn how to create works-cited pages independently
  • they’ll get lots of practice
  • they will truly understand the purpose of a works-cited list
  • your teaching a lifelong skill

The best part?   When students are finished with this lesson, they will have created their own MLA works cited page reference document that they can use over and over again!

What other teachers are saying:

  • “This was a very helpful resource for my students. I loved how it presents the information, allows students to practice, and then gives an activity for assessment. When students had questions or if they weren’t following the format, we could go back to the guide to help them problem solve. Great buy!”
  • “A wonderful resource. This provides a step-by-step, easy to follow process which reduces and or eliminates the potential complexity of research. Lesson plans are great.”
  • “Great resource! Kept students engaged and on task.”

This is a technical activity, so the research question, collection of notes, and parenthetical citation issues are out of the way.

You can re-teach using any research materials.

This lesson focuses strictly on creating a work cited page.

You’ll be teaching your students skills they will use for their entire educational career!

Digital and Print Versions available to you!

You’ll receive the Google Slides link in the PDF.



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