Memoir Reading and Writing Bundle

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You’ll love teaching memoir reading and writing together with this bundle.
Everything you need for literature circles and writing workshop!

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Combine reading and writing memoir lessons with this ready-to-teach bundle.

This bundle includes two resources:

  1. book club lessons for reading memoir.
  2. As your students are reading this genre, they can write their memoir.

This will save you so much time — and connect your reading and writing lessons seamlessly!

What’s included in this memoir reading and writing bundle:

Autobiography, Biography, Memoir Book Club Mini Lessons:

There are four one-week sections that provide independent, paired, and group work along with whole-class discussion.

What’s included:

Pre-reading activities

  • what is this genre?
  • pre-reading survey
  • setting up your reading schedule
  • author research (mini research)

Part I

  • summary of reading
  • vocabulary collector
  • information text on the genre with comprehension questions
  • finding evidence of the genre
  • Group activity: locating textual evidence

Part II

  • summary of reading
  • vocabulary
  • why is the setting important?
  • identifying elements of the setting
  • Group activity: mini research on the text setting

Part III

  • summary of reading
  • vocabulary
  • identifying characters
  • creating a character profile
  • Group activity: determining important events — character timeline

Part IV

  • summary of reading
  • vocabulary
  • themes in nonfiction
  • finding proof for theme
  • Group activity: post reading discussion

End of book activities:

  • Post reading reflection
  • End of Book Discussion Questions
  • 12 group or independent creative reading projects

Also included:

  • daily lesson plans
  • standard for each lesson
  • editable planning chart
  • 4 vocabulary activities
  • reflection questions for each lesson

Great resource for readers workshop, whole class, instruction, or sub plans!

Just add books, and you are ready to go!

Write a Memoir Mini Lessons:

You’ll have everything from lesson plans, planning chart, mini lessons, rubric, answer key, and examples. You can start teaching this today!

The mini lessons:

  1. What is a memoir (anchor chart)
  2. Read & understand memoir (mentor texts)
  3. What is an epiphany?
  4. Writing assignment
  5. Prewriting: an object that I’ve kept
  6. Gathering ideas
  7. Reflecting on the significance of the event
  8. Narrowing the topic
  9. Freewriting
  10. Getting started — hooking your reader
  11. Drafting
  12. Bringing the story to life — adding description, part I
  13. Bringing the memoir to life — adding description, part II
  14. The ebb & flow of the story — using sentence variety
  15. Who is telling the story — finding your voice
  16. Let them speak: adding dialogue to your memoir
  17. Crafting a conclusion
  18. Revising for clear, coherent writing, organization, and style
  19. Peer review
  20. Proofread: Demonstrate command of conventions

The unit also includes:

  • Easy-to-read mini lesson chart
  • Lesson plan chart for each mini lesson that includes: lesson notes, standard, student-friendly standard, student task, assessment/homework suggestion
  • Suggested teaching calendar for 6 weeks of lessons
  • Suggested answer key

What you’re going to love about this bundle:

  • Reading and writing lessons fit together so well.
  • Built-in mentor texts
  • So many opportunities to dig into reading and writing skills!



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