Literature Circles: Activities for Literary Analysis


Make literature circles a snap to put together and run with this book club workbook.  Because this will work with any fiction book, you can provide your students with books that are at their reading level — you can teach a whole-class mini lesson that will direct the book club work for the day.  This workbook makes it easy to move students in and out of books.  And you can use this the whole year!


Start using Literature Circles Today

Want your students in literature circles? Start today with this easy-to-use student workbook! Lesson plans included!

This resource is a real reading workshop workhorse! You can use it repeatedly through the year and with any novel.

This resource includes:

⚬ mini lesson plan schedule for you
17 page student workbook – use the whole workbook or choose the pages you want your students to focus on. Print and bind as a full workbook, use in a folder with brads, or just print the pages you want.
⚬ reading scheduler
 vocabulary collector
⚬ author biography research graphic organizer

Reasons to love this book club workbook:

⚬ Walks students through literary analysis – character, setting, theme, and plot.
⚬ Simplifies book club mini lessons.
⚬ Enables you to work with student groups while the whole class is engaged.
⚬ Allows you to match students with the right text – while teaching the whole class literary analysis. Or use with a whole-class novel.
⚬ Provides everything you need to get started TODAY!
⚬ Includes teaching suggestions, student notes, practice, and examples.
⚬ A resource that you can use all year!
⚬ Great for reading workshop.

This resource includes four covers – two in color and two in black and white.

Looking for more help getting started?  Read this post for tips.

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