Book Club Journal – Use with any Fiction Text


Book clubs are easy with this journal!  You’ll have everything you need to run successful literature circles — and what’s even better is that you can use these with any fiction book — over and over again!  Digital & Print!

Everything you need to get students into book clubs! 

Make literature circles a snap to put together and run with this book club workbook.  Works with any fiction book, so you can provide your students with books that are at their reading level.


Everything you need for book clubs!

Book clubs have never been so easy! This easy-to-use reading journal is print and digital, and includes everything you need to run and organize your literature circles — or book clubs for your middle school students.

Perfect for differentiating, mini lessons, and getting students engaged with great texts!

This reading journal can be used with any novel to create a four week (or fewer) book club unit.

By the end of this unit, your students will have practice with:

  • summarizing
  • identifying new vocabulary
  • focusing on making deep, meaningful connections with the text
  • examining how setting influences the text
  • analyzing characters
  • analyze conflict and how it develops in the text

Reasons this journal will make your life easier:

  • Ready to use — digital or print
  • Planning chart is done for you — it’s editable and easy to customize
  • Use over and over again with any fiction text!
  • Differentiation is a snap! Choose books that are appropriate for your readers. The groups can set their reading schedule and meetings. All readers can use this journal.
  • 35 open-ended discussion questions — perfect for journal prompts, warm ups, group discussion starters
  • Self-pacing! Students can work at their own pace, which means you can keep book clubs going all year!
  • Great sub lesson as well. Student paced!!

This is what you’ll get:

♥ teacher resource with sample schedule, editable calendar, and 14 project suggestions

♥ print and digital versions

♥ Student survey: preview of novel

♥ Student schedule for reading and club meetings

Part I

♥ summary

♥ vocabulary collector

♥ what’s the setting

♥ characters in part I

♥ making connections — text to self

♥ the conflict in part I

Part II

♥ summary

♥ vocabulary collector

♥ making connections — text to text

♥ the conflict in part II

Part III

♥ summary

♥ vocabulary collector

♥ making connections — text to world

♥ the conflict in part III

Part IV

♥ summary

♥ vocabulary collector

♥ making connections — review and depth

♥ the conflict in part IV

End of novel activities for individual students or the whole book club

♥ Let’s take a closer look: favorite parts & visualization

♥ Visualization practice – illustrating a favorite passage

♥ Reflection on how reading changes readers

♥ Novel review and recommendations

♥ Discussion questions that you can assign to groups for jigsaw or fishbowl discussions, assessments, exit questions, or writing prompts

♥ Rubric makes it easy for you to assess the journal

Note: there are 20 discussion questions in the foldable booklet; there are 35 discussions in the vertical and digital journals — you have access to both!

Please check out the preview for all the goodies!

When you purchase you will receive:

a zipped file with four different files inside:

  1. the teacher resource that includes the link to the digital journal
  2. vertical journal
  3. horizontal journal (foldable – print front-to-back) in color
  4. horizontal journal (foldable – print front-to-back) in black & white

Looking for more help getting started?  Read this post for tips.



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