Journal Prompts for Middle School: Journal Jar Kit


No more wondering what prompt your students should write about…just pull a stick from the jar and go!

Digital and print options make this so flexible for any classroom set up.

Your students won’t have to ask, “What should I write about?”


No more struggling with journal prompts!  You’ll have plenty with this digital and print resource.

Your students will have fun choosing their own writing topics from these 101 different journal prompts!  And you’ll have a solution when they ask, “What should I write about?”

This resource includes:

  • 101 journal prompts — including 21 challenge prompts
  • digital and print prompts
  • student directions
  • rubric
  • labels for the jar

Reasons to love this resource:

  • Print & digital means this is super flexible — great for any classroom set up.
  • Perfect response for “what should I write about?”
  •  Use all year…and for years to come!
  •  101 prompts — great choices for your students!
  •  Perfect for morning work, writing workshop, centers, fast finishers, free choice writing, and differentiation — just pull a stick and write!
  •  Prompts include a variety of writing modes: argument, opinion, narrative, description, expository, and poetry
  •  Challenge prompts give students an opportunity to expand their writing and thinking skills
  •  Each prompt is numbered — making it easy for students to track what they’ve written about.
  •  Creative open ended prompts that foster imaginative thinking!

To make the print journal jar “sticks,” you will need to purchase wooded craft sticks (approx. 3/4″ x 5 3/4″). Assembly required: cutting and gluing.
Or, you can print, cut, and allow students to glue or tape the prompt directly into their notebooks.

Or use the digital slides.

See the step by step instructions here.



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