How to Cite Sources – MLA Format


Teach your students how to cite sources using MLA formatting.

This step-by-step resource provides help and practice.  Clear and easy to use!

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Teach your students how to cite sources using MLA format.  And avoid plagiarism! This lesson gives students practice understanding what it is and how to use parenthetical citations using the 9th edition MLA format. Additionally, students will practice selecting quotes, summarizing information, and using both quoted and summarized materials in original paragraphs.

Students will have the opportunity to use ellipsis and brackets when selecting quotes to use in a piece of writing.

In order for students to understand why they must cite their sources and use in-text citation, they also need to understand what plagiarism is and what is meant by “academic honesty.” This lesson begins with a brief overview of those two issues.

This is what teachers are saying about this resource:

  • This is always an incredibly difficult skill for my 7th graders, but this product really helps. Thanks for making our lives easier! :)”
  • “My students always struggle with this as they start to write more formal essays. Great practice and handy guidelines.”
  • “Great layout and easy to use. Provided good reference for my students.”

This is what you’ll get:

  • print & digital resource
  • define plagiarism and determine how to identify and avoid it
  • definition of plagiarism & how to identify & avoid it
  • Prezi link you can use to start the discussion
  • student survey
  • Prezi note taker for discussion
  • student notes on parenthetical citation
  • when to use ellipsis and brackets when quoting materials
  • practice citing sources with the correct MLA parenthetical citations for direct quotes and summaries
  • practice using parenthetical citation for a variety of reference sources – including web and print resources
  • practice introducing quotes
  • student practice in assessing samples for plagiarism and correct formatting
  • students will determine important quotes from an article
  • summarize two articles and check for plagiarism
  • collaborate with peers in evaluating summaries
  • create an original paragraph using summarized material
  • create an original paragraph using quotes
  • self-assess competency in this unit of study
  • extension activities
  • Rubric
  • Answer key included

Your students will understand how to cite sources with MLA formatting.

All “reference materials” used in this lesson are original fictional articles, quotes, and persons that I have invented (and they are silly). The focus is on the process of creating parenthetical citations.

The skills in this unit are taught using the Ninth Edition of the MLA.

Daily lesson plans, Answer key, Extension Activities, and Rubric included


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