Gratitude Journal


This gratitude journal can help your students build a lifelong habit of thankfulness and positive thinking.
32 prompts — can be used all year long.

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How can you teach a positive mindset? Encourage gratitude. This print and digital journal has 32 writing prompts. It offers students an opportunity to reflect on gratitude and practice Social Emotional Learning strategies. Use any time of year.

With all the pressure on our students, they can forget to look around, smell the flowers, and be grateful for the amazing world we live in (that is easy for us to do as well!).

This gratitude journal is easy to use — print or digital. The print version can be cut apart (two per page), making it easy to share whenever you need to. Or you can collate the whole journal.

There are 32 prompts that help students practice thinking about their lives with gratitude — use daily or weekly. The prompts vary from quotes to reflection questions.

This resource includes:

  • print and digital options
  • two print covers — one color and one grayscale
  • directions for student and teacher use
  • informational text on how to practice gratitude
  • 32 prompts — two per page — use as few or many as you like
  • Quotes about gratitude as well as open ended questions that help students practice gratitude.
  • ABC brainstorming chartThis journal offers an alternative to traditional journal prompts — with lifelong benefits!


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