Goal Setting Graphic Organizer

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Go beyond simply making a list of goals and help your students determine how they can meet their goals.

These two graphic organizers will help you do just that — isolate an important goals and determine the steps students need to reach it.

Such an important life skill — and makes goal setting something that students can feel successful about.


Use this free goal setting graphic organizer to help your students focus on success.

Goal setting can be a challenge for our students. They often want to list random goals without any path to reaching them.

But, goal setting is a life skill that you can teach.

This graphic organizer will help your students meet their goals by breaking them down into manageable steps. These two graphic organizers will guide students through the process of picking one big goal. Then they’ll break down the steps needed to meet it.

Perfect for back to school, returning after a break, starting a new grading period — or month.

More than just listing a series of goals — these graphic organizers will help them determine what they need to do to meet them.

This is what you’ll get:

  • two graphic organizers
  • print & digital versions
  • “answer key” example that will help you teach


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