Everything You Need to Teach Argument Writing


Print & digital — you’ll have everything you need to teach your students to write arguments.  These 23 mini lessons are ready to use, so you can focus on working with your students instead of planning and gathering texts.  Ready to print and use!


Teach argument writing with these ready to use 23 print-ready and digital mini lessons.  You’ll have everything you need to make teaching argumentative writing a snap! In one month, your students will go from generating an idea to writing a full argumentative essay. And because you won’t have to worry about the lessons, you’ll have time to work with your students every step of the way!

Here’s teachers are saying about these mini lessons:

  • “I love how this resource breaks down each step of the process for students to make it more manageable.”
  • “Your organization is outstanding, and your thorough planning (with ALL your mini-lessons) is appreciated more than you know. Even if I, myself, spent days creating a set of mini-lessons to use in class, I don’t think they would give me the the comfort and excitement that yours do.”
  • “I love the option of creating a workbook for them at the beginning of the unit, and I especially love the “I Can” statements at the top of each lesson (my principal will love that, too!). The teacher pages are a huge part of what makes this so amazing, though; your instructions, notes, standards, and lesson calendars are so thorough and incredibly helpful. The name of your store really says it all…Just Add Students!!”

No worries that you’ll miss a standard – all of the common core standards for argument writing are taught. This resource breaks the standards down into 23 bite-sized mini lessons that make teaching this often complex form a breeze!

This is what you’ll get:

You’ll have everything from lesson plans, planning chart, mini lessons, answer key, and examples. You can start teaching this today!

Because you’ll get both print and digital, you’ll be ready to teach in any format!

This resource will save you so much time!

The mini lessons include:

  1. What does it mean to write an argument? Anchor chart
  2. Analyze and determine the central idea of an argument using a mentor text
  3. Writing assignment
  4. Gathering ideas: brainstorming
  5. Narrowing the topic
  6. Free writing
  7. What is your big idea (thesis)?
  8. Making claims — taking a position
  9. Researching your claim
  10. Checking evidence: are your sources accurate & credible?
  11. What is your opposition?
  12. Getting organized — Logically setting up your reasons & evidence
  13. Are your claims supported
  14. Write an introduction
  15. Draft 1: Maintain a formal style
  16. Use words to create cohesion
  17. Use phrases to create cohesion
  18. Use clauses to create cohesion
  19. How are you demonstrating an understanding of the topic?
  20. Provide a conclusion
  21. Revising for clear, coherent writing, organization, and style
  22. Peer review
  23. Proofread

The unit also includes:

  • Tips for use and grading hacks
  • Clear writing assignment
  • Editable Rubric
  • Lesson plan chart with editable blank planning page
  • Each lesson plan includes: lesson notes, standard, student-friendly standard, student task, assessment/homework suggestion
  • Editable Suggested teaching calendar (great for pacing and lesson plans!)
  • Student self-assessment questionnaire
  • Student essay and works cited sample you can use as a mentor text

Reasons to love this resource:

  • Start teaching today!
  • Perfect for writing workshop or whole-class instruction
  • Students can work at their own pace — great for differentiation
  • Less planning & more teaching!

You can find more help teaching argument writing here!


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