Digital Vocabulary Workbook for Google or Overdrive


You’ll love how easy it is for your students to work with new vocabulary with this digital vocabulary workbook.  30 activities — assign them one at a time or provide students with the entire notebook.  They can write in the document and it saves automatically to their drives!

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With 30 vocabulary activities, this digital vocabulary workbook makes teaching vocabulary fun and creative! You and your students will love the variety and flexibility of this resource that will help your students engage with learning new vocabulary!

Reasons to ♥ this resource:

♥ 30 different activities that range from word sorts to creative writing, word photo album to cartoons — and each activity can be used as many times as you want!

♥ ready to use today! Share with your students so they can dive into their word study!

♥ students can write directly into the notebook

♥ provides students choice — there is more than one way to learn new words!

♥ students save right to their drive — no more lost data

♥ creative writing prompts- quirky and fun!

♥ flexible! You can distribute digitally to your students a page at a time, or provide them with the whole workbook. It can even be printed. You can use this resource all year long!

This is a paperless resource that works in Google Drive or OneDrive. When you purchase it, you will receive the teacher resource document with the link to the student notebook.  Click on the link, and you will be directed to the student notebook that you’ll copy onto your drive.

This digital vocabulary workbook includes:

  1. “vocabulary collectors”
  2. progress chart so students can track their work
  3. word sorter
  4. clarifying table
  5. word photo album
  6. graffiti page
  7. collage
  8. cartoon panel
  9. memory clue chart
  10. dictionary dig
  11. snapchat message prompt
  12. bio-poem
  13. antonym/synonym chart
  14. personification prompt
  15. text messages prompt
  16. acrostic poem
  17. haiku
  18. license plate prompt
  19. lunch menu prompt
  20. wanted poster
  21. eulogy
  22. Frayer graphic organizer
  23. denotation/connotation chart
  24. word family tree
  25. shades of meaning
  26. tiered word chart
  27. metaphor/simile prompt
  28. syllable chart
  29. vocabulary in the wild collector
  30. original sentences

Includes explanation and examples for independent work.

Need more help in teaching vocabulary?  Check out this blog post for great ideas and tips.



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