Close Reading – Annotation Skills


Teach close reading skills with annotation.  This resource has everything you need to make it easy and effective!  Lots of practice and support for your students as they practice a new skill.

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Are your students really annotating texts are are they just having fun highlighting?
How should you teach annotation skills? Here’s everything you need this close reading skill: clear instructions, tips, and best of all, texts that students can use to practice annotating.

This will make it so easy for you to teach this important reading skill!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • both a print and digital version of this resource
  • student notes explaining what annotation is
  • why it is beneficial
  • when & what students should annotate
  • a list of things students can look for in a text
  • where to actually annotate on a text & what to do if they cannot write in the text
  • a short practice text that you can use for guided instruction
  • self-assessment form after the practice
  • 4 fiction texts that students can use for annotating
  • 1 nonfiction texts students can practice with
  • 3 examples of annotations (one too much annotation, one not enough, and one just right — kind of like the three bears!) — perfect for class discussion
  • self-assessment tools that students can use for any text they annotate
  • bookmarks with tips on what to annotate
  • answer document with sample annotations and reflection responses

Reasons to love this resource:

  • digital & print versions — you can even project slides on your white board to make teaching easier.
  • teaching annotation is challenging! This resource has everything you need!
  • ready to teach
  • scaffolded practice texts
  • perfect for differentiation, reading workshop, literacy centers, individual instruction, even as a book club activity
  • strengthens critical thinking skills

Check out the preview to see what’s included.

  • You’ll find links to the digital resources in the PDF.

What teachers are saying:

“The step-by-step practice and modeling help students determine what is important when annotating. The bookmark checklist is great to have on student desks while practicing.” — Deborah

“This was very helpful when teaching my 6th grade students about annotating a text! We used it during a whole class novel study. Great resource!” — Kathryn


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