Persuasive Letter to Santa


Keep students engaged with this fun and creative Christmas letter to Santa writing activity.   With both digital and print versions — it’s perfect for any teaching setting.  Your students will love writing a persuasive friendly letter to Santa  — convincing him to take them off the naughty list!  Quirky, fun, and engaging!

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perpersuasKeep students engaged with this fun and creative Christmas writing activity — print and digital options. Your students must write a persuasive friendly letter to Santa convincing him to take them off the naughty list!  Complete directions and graphic organizers make it easy to teach!

The prompt sets up the problem and students must argue convincingly to get back on Santa’s good list.  Middle school students love the quirky and fun Christmas letter to Santa — with a twist!

This resource guides students through the writing process in creating an argument based on logic and facts. Includes practice addressing opposing views (why are you on the naughty list?!!)

A fun, creative writing assignment that provides practice in arguing a position. Ideal for writing workshop.

This resource includes:

*both print and digital versions — so flexible!

* editable

* writing prompt

* rubric

* prewriting: audience & purpose

* prewriting: what is your evidence that you’ve been nice?

* prewriting: explain your evidence

* prewriting: why don’t you deserve to be on the naughty list?

* step-by-step drafting graphic organizers that guide students through writing the introduction, body, and conclusion

* active revision based on the rubric

* active proofreading

* publishing pages

* self-assessment

* student checklist to self monitor progress on their persuasive letter to Santa

* teacher checklist — keeps you organized

* check out the preview to see all the goodies in this resource

* Ready to print and teach…Just Add Students!


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