Characterization Lesson Plan


Have fun teaching character analysis with this free characterization lesson plan.

Step-by-step help using fun and engaging Pixar shorts, commercials, or cartoons — you pick!

This is a lesson your students won’t forget!


This characterization lesson plan is going to make teaching literary skills a blast.

One of the easiest literary analysis skills to teach is character analysis.

It couldn’t be easier or more fun than by using Pixar shorts, cartoons, or classic commercials.

You’re students will love analyzing characters — and be able to determine how characters “show” themselves through what they say, do, along with how other characters respond to them.

You’ll find yourself going back to this lesson to remind students how they determine character traits.

What’s included?

You’ll receive a free characterization lesson plan that will guide you through the process of helping your students uncover character traits.

What you’ll love about this characterization lesson plan:

  • students will be providing evidence for their thoughts.
  • super engaging.  Even the quietest students love talking about this.
  • a great way to introduce literary analysis skills.
  • scaffold building — your students will gain confidence and be ready to move on to increasingly difficult tasks.

The lesson plan is easy to use.  Once you teach it using a Pixar short or cartoon, you can apply the same lesson to more complex texts.  Or, gradually add complexity by using fables or fairy tales.  They all work!  Your students will gain confidence in analyzing characters.  Plus, it’s just plain fun!

What else you should know:

You will need to provide the video for your students.  Pixar shorts, commercials, and cartoons are readily available online and through your library.

Because there are so many choices, I’d recommend Pixar’s “Mike’s New Car.”


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