Book Talks – templates, rubric, and ideas


You’ll love how easy it is to add book talks to your classroom with this guide.

Everything you need — including rubrics, audience feedback sheets, a reading survey, and template for student talks.

Perfect for book club activities or independent reading challenges.

This will keep your students reading all year!

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Book talks are a great way to generate enthusiasm for reading. Students enjoy sharing their favorite books and making digital presentations to enhance their talks. Plus, you’ll keep your students reading.

Perfect for keeping your 40 book challenge or independent reading going!

Included in this resource:

  • student notes and project sheets with clear instruction
  • suggestions for student talks using notecards or slides
  • book talk template with five parts
  • list of hooks and analysis questions students can use
  • monthly book talk challenge suggestions
  • teacher notes to help you have successful book talks
  • extension ideas
  • book survey
  • two rubric options
  • audience feedback form
  • sign up sheets for your classroom bulletin board

In this ready-to-go lesson, you can easily incorporate book talks into your ELA program and make them a regular classroom event.

Monthly challenges help keep the talks interesting and exciting, and challenge students to think creatively and try new genres.

If your students aren’t ready to create digital presentations, you can use the “note card” instructions for a more traditional talk.

Book talks address standards in oral language, presentation skills, and multimedia formats.

What you’ll love about this:

  • includes everything you need to start book talks this week!
  • easy to grade! You’ll be able to assess while students are presenting.
  • you’ll cover those speaking and listening standards.
  • monthly challenges that keep book talks interesting.
  • lots of support for your students.
  • keeps students accountable!

• Extension activities including bulletin board activities, open house suggestions, and ways to improve the quality of the talks

• Student project sheet for how to use note cards to give a book talk

• Student project sheet for elements needed for a book talk using slides

• Student presentation tips for creating a better slide presentations

• Student “help” page for creating hooks and using analysis questions to delve deeper into the book

• Book Survey Form

• Audience Feedback Form

• Project Rubric

• Project Rubric using monthly challenges

• Book Talk Sign Up Sheets

You’ll have everything you need to keep your students engaged and reading!


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