Book Clubs for Autobiography, Biography, and Memoir


Your students will love learning about new people by reading autobiographies, biographies, or memoirs.

This book club/ literature circle resource will help your students dig into the genre and learn about interesting people and what they’ve accomplished and overcome.

You’ll love it because all of your students can be in the right book for their reading levels — and you’ll have the lesson plans and mini lessons you need!


Want your students to read new genres, but not sure how? This literature circle resource makes it so easy! Twenty mini lessons that will help you teach autobiography, biography, or memoir whether hybrid, in person, or distance learning.

You’ll be able to get your students reading books at their level — and allow them the fun of book club discussions and activities!

This unit is perfect for literature circles, book clubs or whole-class instruction. Divide the book into four sections, and go!

Group activities provided along with mini lessons and independent practice. Wrap up the genre study with a group discussion, group activity, or presentation.

Print and digital makes this so easy to use!

What teachers are saying about my book club resources:

  • “…bought many Dystopian products…. THIS is the one to use. It is amazing! Comprehensive for BDA strategy and guiding students with foci throughout the text (character, setting, etc.) Love this product!”
  • “Great resource! I was able to adapt for all their novels and to their learning levels.”
  • “Love it – A very practical resource and easy to use.”
  • “This resource is perfect for letting students continue their literature circles even if they are learning remotely! And I like that I can print it out if needed! Thank you!”
  • “Literally saved my life!”

Use multiple times with any autobiography, biography, or memoir!

Students can read different books, yet the whole class can participate in studying the genre.

This is going to save you so much time!

There are four one-week sections that provide independent, paired, and group work along with whole-class discussion.

This is what you’ll get:

  • what is this genre?
  • pre-reading survey
  • setting up your reading schedule
  • author research (mini research)

Part I

  • summary of reading
  • vocabulary collector
  • information text on the genre with comprehension questions
  • finding evidence of the genre — what is an autobiography, biography, or memoir?
  • Group activity: locating textual evidence

Part II

  • summary of reading
  • vocabulary
  • why is the setting important?
  • identifying elements of the setting
  • Group activity: mini research on the text setting

Part III

  • summary of reading
  • vocabulary
  • identifying characters
  • creating a character profile
  • Group activity: determining important events — character timeline

Part IV

  • summary of reading
  • vocabulary
  • themes in nonfiction
  • finding proof for theme
  • Group activity: post reading discussion

End of book activities:

  • Post reading reflection
  • End of Book Discussion Questions
  • 12 group or independent creative reading projects

Also included:

  • daily lesson plans
  • standard for each lesson
  • editable planning chart
  • 4 vocabulary activities
  • reflection questions for each lesson

Great resource for readers workshop, whole class, instruction, or sub plans!

Just add books, and you are ready to go!

Once students understand the genre, they can write their own.


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