Book Club Workbook for Literary Analysis


You’ll have everything you need to teach literary analysis in your book clubs with this ready-to-use workbook.  Perfect for differentiation — you can make sure that each student is reading a book that is at the right level for success!



Everything you need to start book clubs today! This book club workbook will give you all the help you need — from setting up a reading schedule to what to teach and focus on each day! And, you can use with any novel — so it’s perfect for differentiation.

This resource is a real workhorse! You can use it all year and with any novel.

What teachers are saying about my reading resources:

  • Easy to navigate, thorough, and easily transferable to the standards we use. Would highly recommend!”
  • I want to start book clubs this year, so this product is going to help me so much!”
  • “So many ways to track your readers and help them to understand what they are reading!”

This is what you’ll get:

  • 40 page student workbook –  You can print and bind the whole workbook or choose the pages you want your students to focus on.
  • mini lesson plan schedule for you
  • reading scheduler
  • vocabulary collector
  • author biography research graphic organizer

Reasons to love this book club workbook:

  • Walks students through literary analysis – character, setting, theme, and plot.
  • Simplifies book club mini lessons.
  • Enables you to work with student groups while the whole class is engaged.
  • Allows you to match students with the right text – while teaching the whole class literary analysis. Or use with a whole-class novel.
  • Provides everything you need to get started TODAY!
  • Includes teaching suggestions, student notes, practice, and examples.
  •  A resource that you can use all year!
  • Great for reading workshop.

You can pull out any mini lesson in any order to teach literary analysis:

Part 1: Characterization

  • what we learn
  • protagonist
  • antagonist
  • minor characters
  • characterization

Part 2: Setting

  • define setting
  • physical setting
  • time period & lifestyle
  • emotional setting
  • what did you learn?

Part 3: Theme

  • what is theme
  • theme practice
  • identifying theme
  • evidence to support theme
  • what did you learn

Part 4: Plot

  • elements
  • exposition & inciting incidents
  • rising action & climax
  • falling action, resolution, and denouement
  • what did you learn

Print and use the individual sections for book club meetings —  or create a full workbook!

Be sure to check out the preview!

This is going to save you so much time!


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