The world of teachers very well may be divided into those who organize with binders and those who organize with folders.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both, but if you’re in the binder camp, there is one tool you cannot live without:  a high-quality three-hole punch.

This is an “essential” tool.  IMG_1803

I received this “serious” hole punch as a gift my first year of teaching — I’d put it on my “wish list” and was lucky enough to receive one.

Ever since, this hole punch has been an often reached for tool.  It cuts 50 sheets of paper like BUTTER!   Not to mention that it produces satisfying piles of little rounds of paper that fill the tray at the bottom!

Why I love this:

My students to keep their notes in a binder.  I three-hole punch student notes and outlines.  I also ask students to keep tests and quizzes in their binders, so those get three-hole punched as well.

When we’re working on a unit (like novel studies), students put all their work in a folder with brads.  This makes it easy for students to keep their materials together, and it also makes it easy for me to collect the folders for assessments.

I make copies of graphic organizers, vocab lists, handouts, notes, outlines, worksheets…and “ca chunk” they get three-hole punched for my students. The pages go into their folders and are safe and sound.

I also keep an original copy in a binder with my lesson/unit plans. Plus any other materials I collect that might work in a unit — thee-hole punch and pop into the binder!

Now, I know that fancy copiers can three-hole punch pages for us, but I still love that “ca-chunk” of my trusty three-hole punch!  Plus, students have not been able to destroy it!  I have gone through countless staplers and pencil sharpeners, but this three-hole punch has been a faithful companion for many years!

What is your favorite classroom tool?



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