Do you have the classroom tools that you need to streamline teaching, organize papers, and keep you and your students focused on content?

Here are some best bets for classroom organization

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Things that punch holes

The world of teachers very well may be divided into those who organize with binders and those who organize with folders.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both, but if you’re in the binder camp, there is one tool you cannot live without:  a high-quality three-hole punch.


This is an “essential” tool.  

It cuts 50 sheets of paper like BUTTER!   Not to mention that it produces satisfying piles of little rounds of paper that fill the tray at the bottom!

For details on how I organize student projects, you’ll want to read this post .

Things that store

I love these paper folders with brads. They’re not plastic, so they don’t last as long, but they also don’t last forever in a landfill. So I vote for paper when I can.

These make it easy for you to assess as well. Just pick up the whole folder, and you can see all of the student’s work at once.

Save valuable space with these hanging wall pocket file organizers.

They can be used year-after year. You can hang them off of a door or attach them to a wall.

Because there are only ten pockets in each organizer, students don’t have to wait to get to their folder.

This is also perfect for quickly filing work for students who are absent. Just slip an extra paper into their folder!

These storage drawers are so worth it! Label the drawers for each class — for papers to pass back, papers to pass out, extras for absent work. They are a great way to get stuff off your desk.

Things that help you plan

This wall calendar will help you and your students see what’s coming up.

You can assign students to write homework assignments on it, so that all students can see what is due and when. Or you can use it to plan out assignments.

Things that help you grade faster

How often do you write the same thing on student work — over and over again?

That’s why I love these self-inking stamps!

You can use it to mark the books in your library, provide positive feedback, or helpful reminders. Brilliant!

Things that help student behavior

Loyalty cards aren’t just for sandwich shops anymore! You can use these cards as homework and behavior incentives.

Choose the rewards that work for your class or even for individual students.

I love these magnetic book marks (or locker magnets) for rewards.

Things that you deserve!

Even though most of the time, we get a scant 20 minutes for lunch — we still need a cute and functional lunchbox like this:

And … a cute and functional mug like this one!

I hope some of these fun items will help you organize your classroom and create an environment of learning and organization!

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