A journal jar is a great way to offer students choices during writer’s workshop or journaling time.

Create a fun journal jar for your students.

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I’ve always loved using a journal jar.  

In the past, my journal jar consisted of topics written on strips of paper and stuck into a jar.  Students could pick a slip, glue it to the top of their journal page, and write.

That was great except that I had to remember to replenish the jar.  Even though it sounds easy, it was one more task to stay on top of.

A few weeks ago, while looking for a craft activity to make with tongue depressors (which alone is a weird thing to search for!).  I found several blog postings featuring an “I’m Bored” jar with things to do printed on craft sticks.  Would that work for my journal jar topics?

Yes indeed!

Step 1

Create a journal jar for your students.
Create a journal jar for your students.

Gather a few, inexpensive supplies.  I purchased large craft sticks, my favorite color paint, and a package of glue sticks (I can’t believe how much I use those things!).  

I was excited to find these colored craft sticks as well — no painted needed!

Step 2

But, because I wanted to coordinate my journal jar, I decided to paint my sticks.  Easy and quick.  Once they were dry, I glued the writing prompt onto the sticks.  A glue stick worked like a charm — better than liquid glue that makes the paper wrinkle.

Be sure to let the sticks dry completely, so excess glue doesn’t result in sticks that stick together!

When they were dry, I popped them in a jar!  They are so cute!  I love that the prompts are numbered so my students can keep track of which prompts they responded to.

Create a journal jar for your students.

If you’d like the 101 prompts I used, head on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  All you have to do is print and glue to your own sticks.  I’ve also included a rubric, labels for your jar, and student directions.

I love how these little sticks freshen up our writing time!  Give it a try!  I’d love to see what you come up with!

♥ Happiness always,

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