It is difficult to keep students’ interested in content material during the holidays!  That is something we can count on!

Lisa’s awesome blog post about reindeer stories shows how using an engaging topic can get students excited about writing.

My favorite middle school writing prompt is:  Dear Santa, Please Take Me Off the Naughty List. 

Fun writing activity to keep students engaged during the holidays. Students begin with a problem:  they are on the naughty list.  They must convince Santa that they don’t belong there by:

1) addressing the problem

2) creating an argument as to how they have been nice

3) persuading Santa that he is mistaken


I love this lesson because it teaches addressing the opposition (how you got on the list in the first place!), tone (how do you talk to Santa?), evidence (how do you prove you’ve been nice?), the friendly letter that includes an introduction and conclusion.

Getting students invested in the writing process is the first step.  If they are excited about that, the writing flows!

Here’s to wonderful writing this holiday season!

You can check out my “Dear Santa” lesson on my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

And…of course, I’m sure you are all on Santa’s nice list!!

Happiness always,


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