The last quarter of the school year can be exhausting.  If your school has testing, there may be several weeks left in the year that you and your students are watching the clock.

Try out something fun to end the year.end of year blog pinterest

1.  Go back to September.  Think about the ideas you had at the beginning of the school year that somehow got pushed to the side.  Dust them off and try them out!  Wanted to do interactive notebooks but didn’t have the time?  Now is a great time to give it a try.  As a side benefit, you can test out new ideas for next year.

2.  Review games are fun!  A ten minute spelling review or game of “Cherry Pie” gets students out of their desks.  Keep it simple and use vocabulary words — require spelling and definitions.

3.  Simple group projects.  Have students create a book trailer video or reenactment of something you studied this year.  Draw up simple guidelines and a rubric to help students get started.

4.  Think cumulatively.  Ask your students to create a “Year in Review –  Cash Cab Style”   game.  Have students generate questions and answers for the game.  Challenge them to create easy, medium, and difficult questions on index cards.  Throw in your own challenge and random questions.  Students play in groups (cabs).  The whole class can play at the same time.  No cash involved!

5.  Relax your routine.  Plan “Fun Fridays” (really, how many are left in the year?).  This doesn’t mean you won’t be teaching or reviewing.  Use a Fun Friday to

  • play vocabulary games
  • draw a life-sized character that you studied this year on butcher paper
  • pair up with a younger grade to read together
  • allow students to bring a snack to class to nibble on while they read
  • go outside for silent reading or group work
  • host a “no desks” day — sit on the floor!
  • play charades based on the content of the school year  (how would you act out a water molecule?!)

Have fun with the last few weeks of school!

Thanks for reading!


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