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Hey Teacher Friend,

By December, does teaching feel like a dumpster fire?  Do you wonder if your students are really going to learn anything this month?

Add to that the demands of school and home, and it’s no wonder you feel like a Grinch.

But you can still make sure that even your reluctant learners are engaged, working,  and having fun this month all while you get a break from planning.


These two lessons are perfect for this month.  Just what you need when you are up to your eyeballs in tinsel.

Lesson #1 — Dear Santa, Take me off the naughty list.

Your students will love this hysterical writing prompt. 

The imaginative back story (how did they get on the naughty list?) will get them thinking creatively — and they will be so excited to share their stories with you and classmates.

But the best part?

They won’t even realize they’re practicing their persuasive writing skills.

This resource has everything you need, including a digital version. 

Plans cover about two weeks. 

That means you’ll have more time for eggnog and fuzzy socks on the weekends.

What teachers are saying about "Dear Santa":

  • “My students loved using this as change of pace during our argumentative writing unit. It was perfect as we headed into winter break. Thank you!”
  • “My students loved writing their letters! This was engaging from start to finish and it’s also easy to modify if need be.”
  • “This has a wonderful prewrite activities to encourage excellent paragraph structure in a 5 paragraph essay. Thank you so much for the quality material to add to my instruction.”

Lesson #2 — Create and describe an ugly Christmas sweater.

What’s more fun than wearing an ugly sweater?

Designing one!

Your students will have a blast designing, describing, and creating an ad for their latest creation — an ugly sweater.

Students will not only create an original design, but they’ll also work on their descriptive writing skills as they give “manufacturing” directions for recreating the sweater.  

Then students trade directions and try to recreate the sweater…leading to some hysterical results.

They’ll keep their persuasive writing skills sharp by writing an ad for their sweater.  Will anyone buy it??

You’ll have everything you need to teach this printable lesson.  You may even want to design your own sweater.

What teachers are saying about the "Ugly Christmas Sweater":

  • “My students really enjoyed creating their ugly sweaters and actually had fun trying to draw their partner’s sweater. A lot of them ended up really similar which was great!”
  • “What fun! I knew my 8th grade class would love this project, but I was worried about my 7th grade class of reluctant learners. I am happy to report that they really got into the assignment and did a great job.”
  • “So much fun to take what skill they are using and use it with something fun. The kids have had so much fun with this.”

Here's my gift to you... Save time and money by grabbing both of these resources.

You’ll get three weeks worth of lessons for just $7.00 — and better than that, you’ll have saved your sanity by providing your students with fun activities.

Plus…you’ll get a special bonus.

You’ll also get three weeks worth of detailed lesson plans.  What?!  You can print and use or edit them to fit your class needs.  

Planning? Done.

Now pass the eggnog.

Give yourself more time to enjoy the holidays.

You deserve it!


What’s included?

You’ll get print lessons for each one.  You’ll have access to a digital version of the “Dear Santa” letter.

How long does each lesson last?

Each lesson is designed to last about 30 minutes.  This prevents writing fatigue and allows you to keep your normal classroom routine running.  Add in your normal warm ups or reading activities.

How do I get access to the digital “Dear Santa” lessons?

There is a button inside the print version that downloads a copy of the digital slides.  Please note that only the Dear Santa resource has a digital version.

How do I share the digital slides with my students?

You’ll find directions for sharing the slides in the print resource.

What if I have more questions?

You can email me at: marypat @

Hi Teacher Friend,

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I’m Marypat — the person behind Just Add Students.  I’ve been a teacher all my adult life – from grades 4 through college.  

I have a Bachelors and Masters in English, and I love helping teachers develop their students’ writing and reading skills — without drowning in papers to grade and lessons to plan.