Summer do

What does summer vacation mean to you?

We can all agree that teachers work really hard.  But, our summer “to do” lists are often full of more work!  Closets to be cleaned, files organized, lessons planned, books to be read…the list is as bottomless as a pile of papers to be graded!

Encourage the teachers in your life to take some time this summer for themselves.  Relax, enjoy the outdoors, read just for fun (to quote my sister:  “Every book you read doesn’t have to change your life!”), and explore something new.  And that’s not the only thing on the list — think about what puts energy back into your life.  Sleeping in, cooking, playing with your dog, drawing, taking a class, exercising, yoga… whatever it is…enjoy that this break.

What is something you plan to do this summer to recharge your energy for the fall?

Mary Pat

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