periscopeAfter my post yesterday on the Periscope App, I spent some time brainstorming ways teachers could use the app in their classroom and school.  I’ve come up with quite a list, if I do say so myself!

School Use for Periscope

1.  Principal morning message to teachers.  Rather than sending out a daily email to teachers, the principal could create a scope.  Think of all the positive energy a happy, enthusiastic scope would be to teachers.

2.  Email blast from the school to parents.  It would be great for parents to see the smiling face of the prinSlide3cipal delivering an “email” blast rather than just an email.  “Food drive ends tomorrow!”  “Sign up to volunteer for the Reading Fair!”  “Stay in carline!!”

3.  Coaching notes.  Are you a mentor teacher or on a Professional Learning Team?  Send a scope to your members to keep them pumped up, motivated, challenged.

4.  Lead teacher.  Give your a team heads up on what they need to know, or provide your team with a challenge.

Classroom Use

5.  Daily/weekly notes home.  Really, do parents need to save these from week-to-week?  Scope the highlights of the week.

6.  Window to your Classroom.  Give parents a “slice of life” from their child’s day.  Recess?  Lunchroom?  But also classroom activities.  How many times at the end of the day have you said, “I wish the parents could have seen the kids working so hard on this.”Slide2

7.  Email blast alternative.  You probably send those out more often than you’d like to count.  “Don’t forget the test is tomorrow.”  “Field trip permission slips are due.”  “Food drive!”  By the time you write and send the email, you could have scoped.

8.  Virtual field trip.  What’s the best part of the field trip?  The bus ride, of course!!  Scope the bus ride! (Remember, if you don’t have wifi you will be using your data)

9.  Preview the day/week.  What’s happening in your classroom today or this week that you want to share with parents.

10.  Motivation.  Share the hard work your students are doing.  If you keep a running tally of the number of books your class has read or another motivational chart, share with the parents with a scope.  Just be sure you don’t identify individual students.

11.  Science experiments.  Are you growing crystals, dissecting frogs, hatching eggs in science class?  Scope it!

12.  Quick review/ extra credit problem to solve.  If you are teaching a difficult lesson and want to give one more practice session, create a scope.  You can save videos, but you may choose not to.  Give students an opportunity to earn extra credit by scoping a problem of the day.  Because the video won’t be available forever, you’re encouraging regular practice.

13. Read me a story.  What would be better for elementary students than to have their teacher read them a story!

14.  ____________ of the day.  Challenge, word, poem, quote…fill in the blank to share with your students (via their parents).

Last words & consideration

  • Keep in mind that you can have multiple periscope accounts (Mrs. M’s Six Grade, Mrs. M’s Seventh Grade, etc.); however, you have to have a unique email address for each one.Slide4
  • Save your data.  Use wifi whenever possible!
  • Safety first!  Make sure you are complying with school/district policies.  Protect your students AND yourself.  You should not be communicating with students on ANY social media.  Read my first post on Periscope App for details and suggestions.
  • Keep parents in the loop.  Always.
  • Keep your principal in the loop.  Include your principal in on your scopes.
  • Be the teacher who really communicates with parents!  This is a great way to do that!  Any quick email or communication that won’t be needed for future reference will probably make a good periscope

I know one thing for sure — teachers are creative and innovative!  There are many more applications for this technology!

Please add any of your thoughts and ideas to the comments!

Up periscope!!



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