nine ways to speed up grading, save time, and get your weekends back!

9 Ways to Save Time while Grading Student Writing

I recently saw an Instagram image of a teacher’s stack of grading for the weekend — next to a ruler.  She had three inches of grading to do (insert sobbing here!). When you were getting certified to teach ELA, they didn’t tell you the unspoken secret:  you will be doing a LOT of grading.  A […] Read more…


Simplify Grading Student Writing

Ready to Simplify Grading? Are you ready to put away your red pen?  I use a simple tool that helps me simplify grading and increase the the productive time I spend with student writers. I wrote a guest post for the Middle School Mob blog on using my “Notes from your Teacher” product to help […] Read more…

Wondering how to teach digital literacy? Teach your students how to use internet resources, think critically, and evaluate websites. A list of ten ways to strengthen digital literacy in your classroom. Number 2 is my favorite!

Strengthen Digital Literacy for Students

The internet is a wonderful place where you can learn all kinds of amazing things. The internet is a terrifying place — where you can learn all kinds of amazing things. Both of these statements are true!  Parents and teachers alike can see the benefits and perils of online information for children.  When our students […] Read more…