5 terrific historical fiction books for middle schoolers -- and how to get them to read 'em!

Welcome to our Summer Stash blog hop where this week we’re sharing historical fiction titles! How do you use historical fiction? If you’re in a self-contained classroom, using historical fiction is a natural connection with your social studies content.  It is an awesome way to build background knowledge and help students make strong connections. But what about me? I don’t teach social studies.  I do know what our social studies teacher is teaching, and I try to share historical fiction titles… Read more »

Book Talks Books talks are a great way to reinvigorate reading in your classroom.  Students enjoy talking about the current books they’re reading without a lot of additional folderol (ha!  I didn’t know that was a real word!). I have my students present book talks once a month.  I post a sign up sheet for two or three a day — it’s a great way to start class, get students comfortable with public speaking, and get my students new titles… Read more »