Improve digital literacy: teach students how to fact check with these easy tools.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…” Those opening lines of A Tale of Two Cities seem wildly accurate in describing the our own digital age — especially when it comes to our students. Students most definitely need help in navigating the wealth (and swamp) of information available on the internet — a good place to start is fact checking. A few years ago… Read more »

Refresh your semester with these three ideas!

My favorite yoga teacher, Melanie, likes to say, “The left side is the side of wisdom.” Meaning that after you’ve held that grueling series of poses on the right side, you are now going to hold them on the left…and you know what’s coming!  Calling it “wisdom” instead of “dread” is certainly a more positive attitude! This month’s teacher talk topic is about how the second semester of school is like “the side of wisdom.”  We know our students, we… Read more »

Wondering how to teach digital literacy? Teach your students how to use internet resources, think critically, and evaluate websites. A list of ten ways to strengthen digital literacy in your classroom. Number 2 is my favorite!

The internet is a wonderful place where you can learn all kinds of amazing things. The internet is a terrifying place — where you can learn all kinds of amazing things. Both of these statements are true!  Parents and teachers alike can see the benefits and perils of online information for children.  When our students are young and there is good parental and classroom control, using the internet is not too scary or dangerous.  But take a step into the… Read more »

After my post yesterday on the Periscope App, I spent some time brainstorming ways teachers could use the app in their classroom and school.  I’ve come up with quite a list, if I do say so myself! School Use for Periscope 1.  Principal morning message to teachers.  Rather than sending out a daily email to teachers, the principal could create a scope.  Think of all the positive energy a happy, enthusiastic scope would be to teachers. 2.  Email blast from… Read more »

Since last week, the Periscope app has been all over the Facebook pages, Instagram feeds, and blogs that I frequent (though it was launched in March). Periscope is a video that you share with viewers.  Viewers can interact with you by adding comments or floating hearts (so delightful!).  The video is available for 24 hours.  Viewers = the entire planet!! Like any new piece of technology, teachers immediately begin wondering how they can use it to meet the needs of their students…. Read more »