Four ways to make your lunch break more meaningful.

I’ve asked my dear friend Dayle to write a post for this month’s Healthy Teacher installment since she is all about bringing balance, movement, and a joy to people.  I love the insight she offers as an opportunity to transform our crazy lunch schedule into something meaningful and calming.  Check out the end of this post for a special offer.  Thank you Dayle! Adult children, arm-in-arm with parents, walking granny pace down endless stretches of boardwalk; couples smooching as they… Read more »

Don't forget yourself when you plan your classroom for the school year. Here are 9 tips for eating right all year long -- and keeping you away from those faculty room temptations!

Your classroom is decorated, supplies are sorted, the Dollar Store has been ravaged, class lists are printed, lockers assigned, books sorted…yes, you feel ready for your students. But something is missing. It’s not the glue sticks or index cards…it’s how you are going to care for YOU this school year. We’ve all seen the faculty lounge — a landmine of donuts, snacks, leftover birthday cake, fast food. Things that we know we shouldn’t eat, but there they are…glittering with all… Read more »

What does summer vacation mean to you? We can all agree that teachers work really hard.  But, our summer “to do” lists are often full of more work!  Closets to be cleaned, files organized, lessons planned, books to be read…the list is as bottomless as a pile of papers to be graded! Encourage the teachers in your life to take some time this summer for themselves.  Relax, enjoy the outdoors, read just for fun (to quote my sister:  “Every book… Read more »