The first day of school is full of organizing, paper passing, and expectations.  While kids are happy to reconnect with friends, the business of the first day can be draining.  That’s why playing a game on the first day is a great way to engage students. I play Scattergories throughout the year with my class as a review game, but it’s also a great way to start the school year.  If your students will  work often in cooperative groups… Read more »

Get ready for school with this top ten list!

A Top Ten List for Back-to-School for ELA Teachers It’s back to school y’all!  (or as our students love to say, “All of y’all!”) Whether you’re a new or seasoned teacher — or somewhere in the middle — you’ll find you’re quickly caught up in the current of the school year.  Don’t forget to take a few minutes to set your goals and priorities for the year. I wrote this list for my nephew, who was preparing to start his… Read more »

The world of teachers very well may be divided into those who organize with binders and those who organize with folders. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, but if you’re in the binder camp, there is one tool you cannot live without:  a high-quality three-hole punch. This is an “essential” tool.   I received this “serious” hole punch as a gift my first year of teaching — I’d put it on my “wish list” and was lucky enough to… Read more »