Book Talks

Books talks are a great way to reinvigorate reading in your classroom.  Students enjoy talking about the current books they’re reading without a lot of additional folderol (ha!  I didn’t know that was a real word!).

I have my students present book talks once a month.  I post a sign up sheet for two or three a day — it’s a great way to start class, get students comfortable with public speaking, and get my students new titles to try.


Ditch the Book Report!

I find that book talks are more fun for students than traditional book reports.  They give students the chance to practice their speaking skills, and older students enjoy using Prezi to create visual notes for their talks.  I can grade the talks immediately, so students get quick feedback.

Create a sharing wall

Post a big piece of butcher paper in your classroom and entitle it “Read it!”  Of course, it won’t take long for your students to ask the correct tense of the verb!  But it doesn’t matter.  Students can use the paper to write the books they either suggest a classmate reads, or they can write the title of a book they recently finished reading.

Ready to give book talks a try?  I have all the resources in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Happiness (and reading) always,

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