Fun writing activity to keep students engaged during the holidays.

It is difficult to keep students’ interested in content material during the holidays!  That is something we can count on! Lisa’s awesome blog post about reindeer stories shows how using an engaging topic can get students excited about writing. My favorite middle school writing prompt is:  Dear Santa, Please Take Me Off the Naughty List.  Students begin with a problem:  they are on the naughty list.  They must convince Santa that they don’t belong there by: 1) addressing the problem 2)… Read more »

Practices to put in place that will help your classroom run like clockwork

The time period between Halloween and the end of the year is probably the most challenging teaching time in the classroom.  Classroom management strategies that worked at the start of the year may not be as effective.  Your students’ minds quickly move away from content material to the bulletin board that counts down the days until Christmas (whose idea was that?!) or the Elf on the Shelf  or the gathering snow clouds out the window (“I saw a snowflake!” Class… Read more »