Four ways to make your lunch break more meaningful.

I’ve asked my dear friend Dayle to write a post for this month’s Healthy Teacher installment since she is all about bringing balance, movement, and a joy to people.  I love the insight she offers as an opportunity to transform our crazy lunch schedule into something meaningful and calming.  Check out the end of this post for a special offer.  Thank you Dayle! Adult children, arm-in-arm with parents, walking granny pace down endless stretches of boardwalk; couples smooching as they… Read more »

How to use homework scorecards.

Welcome to the monthly Teacher Talk blog hop! This month I thought I’d address a topic that everyone has an opinion about:  homework. If you have Parent/Teacher conferences after the first grading period, homework is usually a hot discussion topic… too much, too little, too easy, too hard, not done, never done, graded, completion grade…the list is endless. As a teacher, I work hard to make homework meaningful and effective.  Homework can help me speed up the pace of a class,… Read more »

Why should you teach poetry all year? The whys and hows are all here!

If you love National Poetry month and feel sad when it’s over, consider teaching poetry all year! I’ve written a guest post for Rachel Lynette’s blog Minds in Bloom that includes ten reasons why you absolutely should teach poetry all year — and seven simple ways how to do it. My favorite strategy I like to just share a poem with students by reading it and asking them what their favorite part is…and then moving on to our lesson of the day! It’s… Read more »

Ready to Simplify Grading? Are you ready to put away your red pen?  I use a simple tool that helps me simplify grading and increase the the productive time I spend with student writers. I wrote a guest post for the Middle School Mob blog on using my “Notes from your Teacher” product to help speed up grading and create differentiation in your writing workshop. Pop over there to read the post and leave a comment as well! Hoping you… Read more »