Six easy ways to make "Meet the Teacher" night painless.

“Meet the Teacher,”  “Curriculum Night,”  “Parent’s Night”  whatever you call it, it can be stressful.  Parents you might not see for the rest of the year are going to visit with you for maybe just a few minutes…yet they’ll be judging what kind of teacher you are! No pressure, right?! Here are a few hints to make the event a bit easier:  Parents are curious about you!  They want to know that their child is in good hands.  Be sure… Read more »

Organize and manage time better by using checklists in your classroom!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed even though school is just beginning, read the  “Checklist Manifesto” post I wrote for the Middle School Mob Blog. Get your Checklist On! I just love a good checklist (or two…or three…).  And using them will help you stay organized.  Plus, they help ensure you won’t miss a step in a process — like a writing assignment, long-term project, or a series of formative assessments. Pop over to the blog to there to learn the whys… Read more »

Need help with classroom management? Check out these 5 simple tips.

When you’re studying to be a teacher, you dream of a classroom filled with eager, well-behaved children enraptured by your carefully-crafted lessons.  Then you step into your first classroom…and quickly realize you need behavioral strategies — ASAP! A “perfect” class doesn’t just happen.  It is created through consistent, compassionate, and well-planned classroom management strategies. Here are five tips to get you started on creating and maintaining your own “perfect” class. 1. Get your hands on a copy of The First Days… Read more »